Groton Local's Community Outreach

Groton Local Supports Local Food Pantrys every week at the Williams Barn Farmer's Market

Please stop by the Groton Local table at the Groton Farmers Market on Fridays at Williams Barn from 3-7pm.  Groton Local is hosting a food table to collect produce from home gardens and cash donations in order to purchase food from local farmers at the Market.  The produce will be taken to local food pantries.  

We NEED your help!
We hope you’ll volunteer to help staff the Groton Local table. You can sign up by using Doodle (click on Table View and then blue Save box before you close out).  If you’d rather, you can email Sally Hensley at, or call her at 978-272-1210. In order for this undertaking to be successful, we need your help!


Groton Neighborhood Food Project
Groton Local has just embarked on an exciting project called the Groton Neighborhood Food Project. The project involves providing a steady source of food for families in need. The idea for this project is based upon the Ashland (Oregon) Food Project model ( Local food pantries are always in need of food for their shelves and Groton Local would like to try and create a stable and steady flow of donations.
We anticipate much discussion about the Groton Neighborhood Food Project as we prepare for our upcoming pilot launching this August. The full program will launch in Spring 2015. If you are interested in any aspect of this project please contact Groton Local